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AnyLaptop Fix – We recover data from any damaged Hard-disk
Our expert technicians will get your data recovered from all types and models of hard disks, having any reason of data loss.


There are various reasons for your hard disk to fail example head-crash, virus attack, deleting data, corrupting the disk and many more. Our expert technicians at AnyLaptop Fix give up to 100% assurance to recover your data from any Type and Model of Hard Drive irrespective of any data loss situations.

Remember this tip, once you found out that your hard disk is damaged and is not readable, please do not try to open your hard disk or try anything on your own as this may damage your hard disk permanently and data recovery will be more tedious and can cost a lot than what it would have cost earlier.

Our expert technicians will recover data from your hard drive in a controlled environment of CLASS 100 clean room.

Service lab for data recovery hard disk


The cost of recovering data can be affected by various factors, and it can be determined only after proper analysis of your hard disk. Get a reasonable quote from our experts after a proper analysis.

Data recovery cost of the hard disk depends upon following key factors:

  • Condition of the hard disk, meaning its responsiveness
  • What caused the problem?
  • Hard disk's storage capacity

Once our experts have done the complete analysis of your hard disk we can confirm the following:

  • Is it possible or not to recover the data
  • A reasonable amount of time needed for the recovery
  • Cost of recovering data from your hard disk


image for dont format hard disk
Do not format your hard disk as it might cause permanent loss of your data. So if your data is lost or hard disk stopped working bring it to us, our experts will get you your data recovered.
image for Software repair
Any data recovery software can harm your hard disk so we recommend you not to download any such software. Come to Anylaptop Fix for safe data recovery.
image for Water damaged hard disk
If the damage to your hard disk is caused due to water, we recommend you not to try to dry it by any means, let the experts from Anylaptop Fix handle it.
image for physical damaged hard disk
Dropping your hard disk may cause losening up of small parts inside, so trying to open it on your own can lead those parts to get lost and can cause permanent damage to drive.


Not rocket science, it's very easy to figure out. If the hard drive is showing any of the following behavior then it could be imminent indication of Hard disk failure:
  • When the system cannot detect hard disk
  • When the booting process is causing problems
  • Hard Disk is not spinning
  • Unnecessary noise is coming from the hard disk
  • Data disappears suddenly
  • System locking up during booting process
  • System hangs and keyboard and mouse doesn't work and you need to reset the system
  • Normal processes like opening and closing of files get very slow, even for very small files
  • Your system is slowed down
  • Your system starts heating up
  • The system suddenly stops while the disk is writing
System hard drive failure is caused by various reasons:
  • Defect in manufacturing
  • Improper ventilation caused due to CPU fan moving too slow or not at all
  • Hard Disk is not spinning
  • Suddenly failed during startup because of a power surge
  • Hard disk not able to spin because of mechanical failures
  • System files if got corrupt, doesn't let the user access the hard disk
  • Human errors caused during OS installation, modifying system registry settings, etc
Physical Hard Disk failure: - This is caused due to hard disk being dropped on a hard surface, or burning of hard disk this can make the hard disk nonfunctional and may lead to data loss. But if this is the case our experts will get your data recovered. Some common reasons are mentioned below:
  • The hard disk is undetectable by the system
  • The hard disk is detected but the disks inside are not spinning
  • Unnecessary noise coming from hard disk while reading the data

  • Data from a physically damaged hard disk can be recovered but under few conditions, so if your hard disk is damaged do not try to open it under any circumstances, do not use any data recovery software this will further damage your hard disk. If your hard disk is having any of the above problems bring directly to Anylaptop Fix, our expert technicians will get your data recovered at a very affordable price.

    Logical Hard Disk failure: - A logical failure is caused due to a virus attack or when your hard disk is infected by a malware, some human errors also cause the important system files to get corrupt and the system is unable to read the hard disk, some other common reasons are mentioned below:
  • Dard disk is detected by the Computer Bios but the data is unreadable
  • Corrupted media files
  • Virus/Malware corrupting data

  • Data recovery caused due to logical hard disk failure does not require the hard disk to be opened and our experts will get your data recovered under few conditions, so when your hard disk is facing such failure please do not use any data recovery software directly consult Anylaptop Fix our expert technicians will get your data recovered.

    Electronic/ Mechanical Hard Disk failure:- Electronic/Mechanical hard disk failure is caused due to loose parts inside the hard disk or more or less power supplied to the hard disk which causes the hard disk to go faulty. In such cases do not open hard disk as any part may get lost, also do not try to reconnect hard disk to other systems. Following are some common reasons for hard disk failure:
  • The hard disk is crashed physically
  • Hard disk motor is nonfunctional
  • Magnetic disks are damaged due to unregulated voltage
  • PCB is damaged due to unregulated voltage

  • Electronic/Mechanical hard disk failure is a very complicated issue and often is a combination of one or more physical and logical errors. The data recovery process will require a lot of effort and time, and as this is a very sensitive process it is treated in Class 100 Clean Rooms only by our data recovery experts.
    Physically damaged hard disk can contain loose internal parts ehich may cause blockage to motor and hence the data cannot be read. In case of logical crash there may be a virus or malware corrupting your files. In any case consult experts from Anylaptop Fix for the data recovery options and get a quote from us. Do not download any data recovery software as it may damage your hard drive further. Contact Anylaptop Fix for further inquiries.
    Bad sectors are the areas of the hard disk which are unreadable or unwritable. This can cause due to physical or logical damage to the hard disk, this can also be caused by manufacturing defects or prolonged usage of the disk, there are many other reasons. If the bad sectors in your disk are very less that is fine, but if there are a lot of bad sectors, replace your hard disk. ad sectors can cause data loss and it will be very hard to recover the data. If that happens contact Anylaptop Fix our experts can get your data recovered. It is advised that, take regular backups of your data.